Things to Consider When Buying a Car in the Military

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Whether purchasing as a private citizen or getting ready to buy while serving at Eglin Air Force Base, upgrading your vehicle is a large investment. Planning ahead for that type of purchase requires diligence and saving. While buying a car in the military does offer unique perks, it’s still important to properly budget, research, and plan. Teaming up with Sandy Sansing Chevrolet, Inc. is a great way to make sure your upgrade process is smooth and your purchase is affordable.

Our location right near NAS Pensacola makes us the ideal automotive partner you can rely on for guidance and advice when buying a car in the military. What’s more, our Military Discount Program makes finding your new Chevy more affordable than ever. Learn how to buy a car in the military with our team below!

How to Buy a Car in the Military: Setting a Budget

The very first thing you want to do when getting ready to buy a car is set a budget. Focusing on what you want to pay per month is wise, but don’t get too fixated on the monthly payment amount. Lenders can always extend your loan to hit that number you’re looking for, netting them more money in return. Instead, consider how much you’re willing to pay per month and for how long. 

We recommend opting for a loan with a maximum of three to five years. Remember to consider the cost of ownership in conjunction with the loan payments. Maintenance costs and gas prices should be factored into your budget. Once you have the parameters of your budget set, you can find the right lender to help you secure your dream car!

How to Buy a Car in the Military: Find the Right Lender

Lenders often look favorably on those who are buying a car in the Army. As an active-duty servicemember, you have a steady job, the finances to back your purchase, and the discipline to keep up with your payments. The Military Lending Act offers protections for servicemembers and limits what can be charged. 

However, inferior auto lenders around Milton may offer predatory car loans wrapped up in a nice bow. That’s where Sandy Sansing Chevrolet, Inc. comes in. Our finance team is here to help you find the best possible deal while you dedicate yourself to serving your country at Hurlburt Field. We take great pride in offering fair rates, incredible new vehicle specials, and can connect you with reliable lenders. We can also point you in the direction of some military-friendly lenders when buying a car in the Army, including:

  • USAA
  • PenFed Credit Union
  • Service Credit Union
  • Navy Federal Credit Union

If you’re serving in the military buying a car in another state is possible, our team can help you through the process to ensure you come out ahead. Visit us near Fort Walton Beach to sit down with an expert. 

How to Buy a Car in the Military: Finding the Right Car

With a firm budget and a trusted lender by your side, you can quickly find a vehicle that suits your lifestyle. Use resources like,, and even our payment calculator to find models that suit your budget. Once you have your top three affordable models, you can do a search on the true cost of ownership, reliability, features, and more. 

You can also look into the local market to see what others have paid for similar models, so you’re ready when you sit down to negotiate. When you have that ideal Chevy picked out, you can visit our Pensacola showroom for a test drive!

How to Buy a Car in the Military: Registration & Insurance

If you’re serving at Duke Field as a member of our military, buying a car in another state is not nearly as complicated as you think! While you can register the vehicle here in Florida, as an active-duty servicemember, you’re afforded special privileges. One being, most states allow you to register your vehicle by mail as a member of the military. 

After you buy, you’ll want to get insurance coverage immediately. You can shop around for the best rates, but double-check that your insurer understands that your vehicle is registered in your state of residence. This will ensure that you have the right type of coverage. 

Turn to Sandy Sansing Chevrolet, Inc. for All Things Automotive

If you need guidance when buying a car in the Army or you want someone to help you make a purchase while serving at Whiting Field, Sandy Sansing Chevrolet, Inc. is here for you. We offer a full range of automotive services to take the stress out of buying and owning a vehicle. 

Our team can even help you out if you’re a member of the military buying a car in another state. When you need a dependable auto partner, turn to Sandy Sansing Chevrolet, Inc.. If you have any questions about buying a car in the Army or making an automotive purchase while serving in another branch, visit us near Crestview or contact us today for a consultation.

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